Rent Storage

We have a variety of unit sizes to meet every storage need. All sizes are approximate.

5x10 (10 x 5 x 9)

A cute little storage unit! Perfect to fit a small amount of furniture like: sofas, dressers, chairs or other small to medium amount of storage.

$59 / month

10x10 (10 x 10 x 9)

Just Right! Easily holds 2 bedrooms, and entire office or one large family room worth of stuff.

$89 / month

10x15 (15 x 10 x 9)

Oh nice! These units can hold 3 bedrooms worth of items. Or, other large items like couches, large TVs, pianos and tons of boxes.

$99 / month

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10x20 (20 x 10 x 9)

The big one! Ideal if you plan on storing larger items like motorcycles, lawn mowers or bulky exercise equipment.

$119 / month

Outside Parking (40 x 10 x 20)

Safe and secure! Outdoor spots are the perfect place to store your boat, RV or car.

$60 / month

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10 x10 w/(2) 4' Doors (10 x 10 x 9)

Just right! These 10x10 units give you plenty of access and plenty of space. 2 doors, so bring 2 locks!

$89 / month